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2Pcs/lot 1.5Ah CGA-S005 S005 BCC12 CGA-S005E DMW-BCC12 Battery for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX180 DMC-LX1 DMC-LX2 LX3 FS1 FS2 FX01

2Pcs/lot 1.5Ah CGA-S005 S005 BCC12 CGA-S005E DMW-BCC12 Battery for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX180 DMC-LX1 DMC-LX2

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We will send you a replacement after receiving the defective one. Low impedance battery design. Working hours Monday-Saturday : 9 : 00 AM-18 : 30 PM Notice : Other time is available, we are trying to service you at any time for your convenience as we can. Battery charger includes a base wall charger, adapter, AC/automobile power cord and cigarette lighter adapter. If you are not satisfy with our products, we request that you contact us immediately BEFORE you give us neutral or negative feedback so that we can satisfactorily address your concerns. High capacity premium Japanese cell. Returns & Warranty 1. If it is non-artificial damage within 12 months, you can still send it back to us. Normally, the free shipping parcel can be delivered in 6 weeks. Much appreciated if you can communicate with us instead of opening dispute. 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments. If you do not received your parcel in time, please kindly advise us, we will track the parcel. Feedback Your satisfactory is our ultimate goal and your feedback can push us to go further. Package Include 2*CGAS005 E About shipping Normally, We will send the items within 2-3 business days once your payment is completed.Specifications : Li-ion, 3. If you satisfy with our products and our service, please kindly leave us 5 stars feedback. If it is promotion day, we will dispatch the cargo within five days. Best replacement battery. 12 months warranty, please rest assured to buy. Absolutely no memory effect.7 V, 1500m Ah Compatible with : Replaces : CGA-S005 A/1 B DMW-BCC12 Fits for : DMC-LX1, DMCLX1, LX1, DMC-LX2, DMCLX2, LX2, DMC-LX3, DMCLX3, LX3, DMC-FX01, DMCFX01, FX01, DMC-FX07, DMCFX07, FX07, DMC-FX3, DMCFX3, FX3, DMC-FX8, DMCFX8, FX8, DMC-FX9, DMCFX9, FX9, DMC-FX10, DMCFX10, FX10, DMC-FX12, DMCFX12, FX12, DMC-FX50, DMCFX50, FX50, DMC-FX100, DMCFX100, FX100, DMC-FX150, DMCFX150, FX150, DMC-FX8-A, DMC-FX8 A, DMCFX8 A, FX8 A, DMC-FX8-K, DMC-FX8 K, DMCFX8 K, FX8 K, DMC-FX8-P, DMC-FX8 P,DMCFX8 P, FX8 P, DMC-FX8-S, DMC-FX8 P, DMCFX8 S, FX8 S , DMC-FX8 BS, DMC-FX8 BS, DMCFX8 BS, FX8 BS, DMC-FX8 EBB, DMC-FX8 EBB,DMCFX8 EBB, FX8 EBB, DMC-FX8 EG-A, DMC-FX8 EGA, DMCFX8 EGA, FX8 EGA , DMC-FX8 EG-K, DMC-FX8 EGK, DMCFX8 EGK, FX8 EGK, DMC-FX8 EG-P, DMC-FX8 EGP, DMCFX8 EGP, FX8 EGP , DMC-FX8 EG-S, DMC-FX8 EGS, DMCFX8 EGS, FX8 EGS , DMC-FX9-H, DMC-FX9 H, DMCFX9 H, FX9 H, DMC-FX9-R, DMC-FX9 R, DMCFX9 R, FX9 R, DMC-FX9-S, DMC-FX9 S, DMCFX9 S, FX9 S, DMC-FX9-K, DMC-FX9 K, DMCFX9 K, FX9 K, DMC-FX9 BB, DMC-FX9 BB, DMCFX9 BB, FX9 BB , DMC-FX9 BS, DMC-FX9 BS, DMCFX9 BS, FX9 BS, DMC-FX9 GK, DMC-FX9 GK, DMCFX9 GK, FX9 GK , DMC-FX9 EG, DMC-FX9 EG, DMCFX9 EG, FX9 EG , DMC-FX9 EG-K, DMC-FX9 EGK, DMCFX9 EGK, FX9 EGK , DMC-FX9 EG-R, DMC-FX9 EGR, DMCFX9 EGR, FX9 EGR , DMC-FX9 EG-S, DMC-FX9 EGS, DMCFX9 EGS, FX9 EGS, DMC-FX9 EB-K, DMC-FX9 EBK, DMCFX9 EBK, FX9 EBK , DMC-FX9 EB-S, DMC-FX9 EBS, DMCFX9 EBS, FX9 EBS, DMC-FX9 EF-K, DMC-FX9 EFK, DMCFX9 EFK, FX9 EFK , DMC-FX9 EF-S, DMC-FX9 EFS, DMCFX9 EFS, FX9 EFS, DMC-FX01-K, DMC-FX01 K, DMCFX01 K, FX01 K , DMC-FX01-S, DMC-FX01 S, DMCFX01 S, FX01 S , DMC-FX01-P, DMC-FX01 P, DMCFX01 P, FX01 P , DMC-FX01-W, DMC-FX01 W, DMCFX01 W, FX01 W, DMC-FX01 BB, DMC-FX01 BB, DMCFX01 BB, FX01 BB, DMC-FX01 BS, DMC-FX01 BS, DMCFX01 BS, FX01 BS, DMC-FX01 EB-K, DMC-01 EBK, DMCFX01 EBK, FX01 EBK, DMC-FX01 EB-S, DMC-01 EBS, DMCFX01 EBS, FX01 EBS, DMC-FX01 EB-W, DMC-01 EBW, DMCFX01 EBW, FX01 EBW, DMC-FX01 EF-A, DMC-01 EFA, DMCFX01 EFA, FX01 EFA, DMC-FX01 EF-K, DMC-01 EFK, DMCFX01 EFK, FX01 EFK, DMC-FX01 EF-S, DMC-01 EFS, DMCFX01 EFS, FX01 EFS, DMC-FX01 EF-W, DMC-01 EFW, DMCFX01 EFW, FX01 EFW, DMC-FX01 EG, DMCFX01 EG, FX01 EG, DMC-FX01 EG-A, DMC-01 EGA, DMCFX01 EGA, FX01 EGA , DMC-FX01 EG-K, DMC-01 EGK, DMCFX01 EGK, FX01 EGK , DMC-FX01 EG-S, DMC-01 EGS, DMCFX01 EGS, FX01 EGS, DMC-FX01 GK, DMCFX01 GK, FX01 GK, DMC-FX07 K, DMC-FX07 K, FX07 K, DMC-FX07 S, DMC-FX07 S, FX07 S , DMC-FX07 A, DMC-FX07 A, FX07 A, DMC-FX07 R, DMC-FX07 R, FX07 R, DMC-LX1-K, DMC-LX1 K, DMCLX1 K, LX1 K , DMC-LX1-S, DMC-LX1 S, DMCLX1 S, LX1 S , DMC-FX1 BS, DMC-FX1 BS, DMCFX1 BS, FX1 BS , DMC-FX1 GK, DMC-FX1 GK, DMCFX1 GK, FX1 GK, DMC-LX1 EG-K, DMC-LX1 EGK, DMCLX1 EGK, LX1 EGK , DMC-LX1 EG-S, DMC-LX1 EGS, DMCLX1 EGS, LX1 EGS , DMC-LX2 EF, DMCLX2 EF, LX2 EF, DMC-LX2 EG, DMCLX2 EG, LX2 EG, DMC-LX2 EGM, DMCLX2 EGM, LX2 EGM, DMC-LX2 K, DMCLX2 K, LX2 K, DMC-LX2 S, DMCLX2 S, LX2 S, DMC-FX10 A, DMCFX10 A, FX10 A, DMC-FX10 P, DMCFX10 P, FX10 P, DMC-FX10 S, DMCFX10 S, FX10 S, DMC-FX12 K, DMCFX12 K, FX12 K, DMC-FX12 S, DMCFX12 S, FX12 S, DMC-FX50 K, DMCFX50 K, FX50 K, DMC-FX50 S, DMCFX50 S, FX50 S, DMC-FX100 K, DMCFX100 K, FX100 K, DMC-FX100 S, DMCFX100 S, FX100 S, DMC-FX150 K, DMCFX150 K, FX150 K, DMC-FX150 S, DMCFX150 S, FX150 S Feature : Latest lithium-ion battery technology.

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